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Friday 01/07/11

13hr 00 -15hr 30: Control technique + administrative (Gemeca station)
14hr 30 – 16hr00: Shake-down super stage (stadium)                                             
16hr00 - 16hr30: Rally Start stadium
16hr00-        ss1:stade1-stade1 (2,50km)
                   Ss2:Nyumba1- IRST1 (16,00km)
                   Ss3: Rango1-Cathedrale1 (38,20km)
                   Ss4:stade2-stade2 (2,50km)
        Regroup+servise A
                  Ss5:stade3-stade3 (2,50km)              
                  Ss6:Nyumba2-IRST2 (16, 00 km)   
                  Ss7:Rango2-Cathedrale2 (38, 20 km)
                 Ss8:stade4-stade4 (2,50km)
      Regroup+service B
Park Fermé hotel Petit Prince (End Day 1)
 (Rally party stadium zone)

Saturday 02/07/11

10hr00      : 1st slalom Butare stadium (open to rally fans)
11hr00:Park Fermé out (hotel Petit Prince) direction regroup zone stadium
       (Slalom rally cars departure from 11hr00 to 15hr30)
14hr30:  service D in stadium
14hr50: service D out
                      Ss11: Nyakizu-Matyazo (52,50km)
                             Back to Friday section A
                   Regroup+Service E
                         Ss12:Nyakizu2-Matyazo 2 (52,50km)
                        Back to Friday section A 
Regroup +service E                                                                                
                         Ss13: Power night stage 6km
                   Regroup+Service E
End Rally (Park Fermé zone stadium) + Price Giving

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